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NoBo Crit

ONLINE REGISTRATION: Online registration closes Friday, June 7th at 6:00pm. Save yourself a cool $8 by pre-registering. Do it now!

ON-SITE REGISTRATION: You're welcome to register on race day. Look for the Reg tent near the Strart/Finish in the expo area. Onsite registration closes 40 minutes prior to race start.

DO 2 RACES IN A DAY? Yes you can! Race a second race for $20. Signup for your second race online or on race-day.

Do Read This

Warming Up: Please do not warm up on the course while another race is in progress. We hope to provide you with a few minutes of course warmup before your race start but keep in mind that the times in between races is tight and you may only get a few laps in. The best remedy for a warmup is to show up early and set up a wind trainer in the park or get some riding done in the adjacent neighborhoods.

Lapped Riders: In many instances lapped riders will be pulled from the race but this is to the discretion of the chief ref. If you're in danger of being lapped, please pay attention to the referees at the start/finish and lead moto. They will let you know if you pull out or not.

Race Info

  • Masters Men 35+ Cat.3
  • 12:35 pm
  • 50 min.

    PRIZES: With over a $300 total prize list and numerous prime sprints for each race, your efforts won't go unrewarded.

    PRIZE PICKUP: Collect your prize money and primes at the Registration tent. All prizes must be collect on race day.